Team Development Program

Drumming together

Our Team Development Program provides opportunities to develop key team building and co-working skills whilst getting to know your colleagues differently within a fun creative space.

The program consists of 6 two hour group workshops, involving semi-structured musical exercises and discussions focusing on:

  • listening & awareness
  • responsiveness to change
  • adaptability & decisiveness
  • leading & following
  • collaborative communication
  • creative processes

Reflective Practice Music Groups

Ripple affect

Investing in your Team & Organisation

This group uses freer improvisational music making and reflections to explore and work with team relationships at greater depth. 

These groups are long term and require a minimum of 6 months in order to provide a consistent, confidential safe space for developing a reflective team culture and  sustained experiential learning.

This provides the right environment to attend to more difficult and complex  team dynamics, such as conflict, which when avoided can have detrimental effects on quality improvement and staff retention. Using music can provide both a direct but also safer, playful way to work with these issues. Also, having a frequent place for self expression improves wellbeing, helping combat stress and 'burn out'.

We understand that this service requires a  greater level of commitment, but we believe  this investment  develops happier more effective teams, which ultimately can help improve your bottom line.

Individual Therapy

We can also provide 1:2:1 Music Therapy for employees in particular need of pastoral care, offering emotional and psychological support through this expressive medium. This can take place at your work place if suitable, in order to provide an easy accessible service as a preventative resource.  Typically, these sessions last 50 minutes and take place on a once weekly basis. 

If you would like to refer yourself to personal therapy outside of your organisations context we would also be happy to explore this further with you. 

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