A Musical Approach


At Sound Working we use interactive music making to help facilitate team building and effective working within your organisation. We apply the techniques and thinking from the  evidence based benefits of  Music Therapy.
Our services are tailored towards vital  aspects of a well functioning team:

  • leadership & listening
  • resilience & confidence
  • collaboration & cohesion
  • creativity & adaptability
  • change management

We believe there is a strong synergy between effective team working and effective group music making. Both depend on good collaboration, leading,  following, flexibility, responsiveness to change,  space for others as well as an understanding and commitment to 'role'. 

In a well functioning group of musicians you can clearly here each distinct part  which makes up the cohesive musical whole. Everyone has there part to 'play' (i.e. soloist and accompanists), in the shared creative goal of expressing a piece of music, whether composed or improvised. The beauty with musical interactions is that these roles can shift quickly from moment to moment - a microcosm of the very same challenges that teams face in organisations. 

At Sound Working we help your team develop these skills through  musical exercises,  improvisation and discussions to reflect on the musical/relational process. Whilst developing your teams resources this expressive outlet can also help reduce work related stress and 'burnout'.