Mental Health Services


Music therapy is recognised as an effective psychological intervention for helping to manage mental health conditions

Inpatient Settings

Our Treatments

Our music therapy  sessions takes place in psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics and community settings.

  • Individual Music Therapy

  • Closed Groups

  • Ward Based Groups

  • Mentalisation Based Treatment Music Therapy (MBT - MT) 

  • Dynamic Interpersonal Based Music Therapy (DIT - MT)


Clinical Depression 

Music can help  sufferers connect  to and express feelings which are too difficult access through words alone.  It can facilitate enlivened, meaningful experience, increasing agency , motivation and confidence.When needed we can also also offer Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT) based approaches. DIT is a short term structured psychodynamic therapy developed for treatment resistant depression.

Personality Disorders - EUPD/BPD & Avoidant Type

Our music therapist has vast experince working in a mentalisation based treatment program  (MBT) for patients diagnosed with personality disorders. The main difficulties associated with personality disorders revovle around attachment issues in relationships and emotional disregulation. Traditional talking therapies or councelling have proved to be in-effective and unhelpful for these conditions due to the intensity of feelings and lack of control which can be experinced in the therapeutic relationship. The music making process in music therapy can help to regulate this process, making it more manageable. Furthermore, we have undertaken MBT training - an evidence appoach for boderlinepersonlisty disorder or EUPD

  • Psychosis:  including 1st Episode, Schizophrenia & BiPolar

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