Dementia Care Services


 Music therapy can help break down the extreme isolation experienced in dementia, providing opportunities for non-verbal communication and interaction. Responsiveness to music is present from birth before verbal language develops which continues towards the end of life. Music therapy works towards the same goals of Person Centred Care -  developing wellbeing and personhood. In a recent review the NICE Guidelines recommended music therapy as a beneficial psycho-social intervention for dementia care, in which there is  evidence of clinical effectiveness in the reduction of agitation. 

We have wide ranging experience working with those in the various stages of dementia, from early onset to the later stages. Our sessions often incorporate the music/songs which are meaningful to the individuals life and we are able to musically respond to the pace and quality of their movements, gestures, vocalising and play as they occur from moment to moment. 

Here are some of the services we are able to provide:

  • Music Therapy in Care Home or Hospital Settings

  • Open & Drop-in Groups

  • Individual Sessions

  • Family & Carer Sessions

  • Home Visits